Thao's face here!

Thao's here! I'm currently a Cell Visualization & Web Specialist based in Seattle, Washington. I'm part of the Animated Cell team of the Allen Institute for Cell Science and a former member of the Mesoscope lab in the Bioengineer & Therapeutic Sciences dept at University of California, San Francisco.

On a typical day, I often find myself making illustrations and videos based on requests from other team members or collaborators who happen to be amazing scientists (every once in a while I wonder how lucky I am to somehow became their colleague :D). The work eventually show up on our teams' websites at Allen Cell Explorer and the former Pharmacogenomics Research Network Hub or travel with them to talks and conferences.

I have a Graduate Certificate from the Science Illustration program at California State University - Monterey Bay, and a Bachelor of Science degree in General Biology with a minor in Art - Illustration from University of Southern Indiana.

Quite a bit of my interests just happen to be relates to what I do (design & animation - bonus!), but I also enjoy reading manga and sleeping (don't let me start on either of them, but maybe you'd want to check out some slice-of-life one-shot manga - reach out and I'll give you my fav list!).