Website revamped!
After a long hiatus due to job changing and resettlement, it’s about time for me to do some update 🙂
Thanks for finding your way here. Enjoy!
Thao do

Thao’s here! I’m currently a science illustrator & animator based in Seattle, Washington. I’m an active member of both the Animated Cell team of the Allen Institute for Cell Science and the Mesoscope lab of the University of California, San Francisco.

On a typical day, I often find myself making illustrations and videos based on requests from other team members or collaborators – who are amazing scientists – that every once in a while I wonder how lucky I am to somehow became their colleague 😀 . The work eventually show up on our teams’ websites at Allen Cell Explorer and the Pharmacogenomics Research Network or travel with them to talks and conferences.

Quite a bit of my interests just happen to relate to what I do (design & animation – bonus!), but I also enjoy reading manga as much as sleeping (don’t let me start on either of them – lol, but maybe you’d want to check out some slice-of-life one-shot type of manga!).