Traditional Work
2013 – 2014

To me, art supplies are toys – so many that I want to play with and see what I can do with them :).

So below are several projects experimenting with different media, ranging from the simple ball-point pen, pencil, pen & ink, to watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and markers.
Some has theirs own galleries.

The endangered birds in selective National Parks and Reserves in Viet Nam

I was obsessed with creating illustrations with topics related to my country. So during the course of my graduate degree, I attempted at researching and making a map of bird species that were listed with Threatened and Endangered status in IUCN Red List .

A couple first trials were simply .. bad, until the next three which are shown below. This is, however, not inclusive, as there are more NPs and Natural Reserves as well as many other unregistered natural habitats in Vietnam.

Mini projects

These were done typically within a few hours as practices for a skill.